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Learn English effortlessly while doing any online activity such as, working, studying, reading, and more- Experience passive English learning with SuperWordly.


Get setup

Create and account, download the extension and log in to SuperWordly. Now you can start adding words.

Go do something else

When you find a word, you don't know, select the word, right click and select "--> Send to SuperWordly".

Get a simple definition

A line underneath the word will appear and shortly a popup with an image displaying the meaning will appear on the screen.

Check your words

Click on the extension icon and see which words you have added. Go to your account in and see all your definitions and more.

Weekly email updates

Once a week, you'll receive an email containing 5 words from your vocabulary to use during the next 7 days, along with examples of how to use them.

Grow your vocabulary

Your personal dictionary is available 24/7 with its definitions and examples of how to use them. You can also import and export words for you to learn.

Don't know a word?

No worries. The Wordly chrome extension shows you the definition and synonyms for the word right where you find it - in context.

Get the meaning in context every time

Once you have saved a word, get the meaning in context every time you find it on the web.

Add the word to your vocabulary

Store the word in your vocabulary and learn how to use it in your day to day.


A personalized dictionary at your fingertips!

Now you can learn and use words without losing track of words you once noted somewhere in some notebook.

Quaerat Only store and use words you want to learn.

A browser extension that allows you to save and look up words while you're anywhere on the web

Simple learning with weekly email updates containing five words to learn from your personal dictionary.

We enjoy making learning quick and easy.

Master English using Wordly.

Learn to use words correctly and expand your vocabulary. Significantly Improve your English in as little as a few weeks (e.g., 5 words learned each week gives you 60 new words you can use every 3 months.)


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How does it work?
Easy. Signup and start adding words to your private vocabulary of words you encounter in the wild. The chrome extension will show a popup with the definition in that page you can read. Once a week, or more frequent if you adjust the spacing of the emails in setting, we will send you emails with 5 words you added and their definitions. You can also see the words you added on your dashboard with the deifinition for that context, synonyms, antonyms, examples, etc.

What science do you use?
We use multiple known science techniques and then we do our own research to develop new techniques you experience without knowing. Part of our method is based in the technique known as spaced repetition which is spacing the repetition of words over time. This is a known technique that is used in many other apps and websites. Another science bit we use is the fact that we send you emails with words to learn in the morning. This is based on the fact that you are more likely to remember something if you read it in the morning. Finally, we do our own research on how to make the definitions easier to understand and how to make the words more relevant to you.

How is this different from other tools like Grammarly?
SuperWordly helos you learn more words as you do other stuff (and it's built for this only) while Grammarly added the option to get a definition later on. Grammarly's core functionality is around you writing better. SuperWordly's core functionality is about you learning more words.

So, both are related in making you a better English user, but they are different in what areas we target. SuperWordly also uses email to get you to learn more words, while Grammarly doesn't.
Why your method work better than the others?
That is a really good question that we can't respond to directly. "Why ours work" is our secret sauce as there are multiple parts on why ours work that are not public, so we can't go about explaining it. What we can explain is something you will realise sooner or later while using SuperWordly:
  • (1) we don't give you multiple definitions, just one
  • (2) we only give you a meaning of the word in that context (what god there is in knowing 20 definitions for a word you only use in 1 way?),
  • (3) the definitions are simpler, earier to understand.
  • (4) we don't give you a list of words to learn, we give you a few words at a time.
  • (5) when we show the definition of a word, the algorithm might show more than one thing; e.g. an example of usage in a different context, synonyms, antonyms, etc..
How do I get started?
First, decide which plan you want and select it. Then you will go through the signup flow where you will create an account and confirm your email.

Next you need to download the chrome extension clicking on the chrome image in this page or on the left-side chat pop-up within your SuperWordly space.

To get going, here is a raw, unedited video of the process: first steps in SuperWordly.

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  • ​​Opposite of Sadness
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